Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Analysis of a pop music video - Carly Rae Jepsen "Call Me Maybe"

Music videos are known to feature typical conventions that are shared throughout all genres. However, music videos of the pop genre tend to resort to featuring conventions the most frequently and the most blatantly.

 - Shows a narrative story, as the music is playing

 - Shows the artist performing

 - Shows various uses of a close-up

Pop songs generally feature typical conventions that appear in most other music videos of all genres. Examples of this includes a narrative (seen in the first thirty seconds of "Call Me Maybe"; the general purpose of this being to intrigue the audience, as they would find watching the artist perform throughout the entire music video to become quite dull and tedious), the artist performing (seen when Carly and her band are performing in a garage; the purpose of this is to show the audience who is performing the song) and close-ups (seen on numerous occasions throughout the song whenever Carly is singing; the purpose of this being to help the audience to get a close look of the performer's face, so that the audience are more aware of who is singing the song).

 - As well as showing the narrative, the opening thirty seconds of this song also shows a potential romance between Carly and the man

 - Feminine colours take a predominant focus of this shot. Romance is also showcased here, to appeal to the "tween" girl fan base.

Conventions of a pop music video that wouldn't be found in music videos of other genres include a romance (because the song is aimed towards "tween" girls, who are believed to be big fans of anything that involves romance) and feminine colours (because it wields more of an appeal to the "tween" girls who are the target audience of this product).

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