Friday, 29 November 2013

Construction - Day Six

During the course of the week, my group and I have been continuing to edit our music video using Adobe Premiere Pro. Using this software has taught me and my group valuable skills that we can continue to apply in our music video, such as how to sync up the soundtrack to the actions on screen, how to cut the duration of clips so the clips don't go on for too long and how to add a block colour behind us performing in front of the green screens (shown in the second image, with the pink bar that says 'Light Blue').

Our group has encountered several difficulties during the editing process, such as the soundtrack not syncing correctly and not having enough footage for when we got towards the end of the video (particularly cutaways). However, we have taken note of this and have already decided what to improve in our second draft.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Construction - Day Five

The images below are shots that I took when me and my group travelled to London, to film footage for our music video. We plan on using the shots filmed during our trip to London for our coursework through a variety of ways

We plan on using this image as the front cover for our CD digipak, as it features the three girls together, smiling and acting like a conventional pop group.

We also plan on using this image as a part of our CD digipak. This image might be in one of the side covers, as my group are planning on featuring the pop group in the front and back covers of the digipak.

The mid-shot of the three girls (the second of the two images above) could be used for the back cover of our CD digipak, to continue enforcing the concept of unity and happiness, which will promote positivity to the group's target audience of 'tween' girls.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Construction - Day Four

This shot shows me and Libby setting up the camera and the tripod, which we would use to film Libby, Amie and Maddie meeting up at the bridge in Morden Hall Park. We didn't get to use much footage from this location, however, as we didn't have much time left before the intro of the song would end, and move on to the singing. 

Monday, 11 November 2013

Construction - Day Three

These shots show the pop group (consisting of Amie, Libby and Maddie) performing in the green screen. They are evidently dressed in bright, vibrant colours, which is conventional for a song of the pop genre. The camera features a mid-shot of the three girls, capturing both their facial expressions and body language.

These shots show me and my group setting up the green screen, which would be where the pop group would perform their song. Setting up the green screen has allowed me and my group technical knowledge that we may apply in the future, if we decide to pursue careers in the media industry.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Construction - Day Two

Our group did a re-shoot of the clip of Amie 'waking up', as we felt that clip needed improving, because it looked quite awkward when watching it in Adobe Premiere (which is the software our group is using to produce our music video).

Our group also tried to re-shoot the clip of Amie applying her lipstick, because that was an extreme close-up, which was something our group wanted to include in our music video, but again, the shot wasn't in focus, so our group decided to keep the clip of Amie spraying herself with mascara.

Upon re-shooting Amie 'waking up' again, we quickly saw a great improvement in the re-shoot, as the shot looked far more in focus and with a clearer definition, making our music video look more professional as a result.

What our group did to overcome the blurriness of Amie applying her lipstick, was to exclude this clip from being included in our music video, as our group wanted all of our clips to be in focus, so we decided to keep the clip of Amie spraying herself with perfume (seen below), as that was in focus.

Construction - Day One

For the first part of filming for our Music Video, my group would film in Amie Brady's house (following the storyboards and shooting schedule, both of which stated that Amie's house would be the first location my group would film in). This is for the beginning of our music video, before the singing begins, so no footage of lip-syncing was needed for this. My group planned on using a variety of shot types, that we feel has been done effectively (an example being the extreme close-up of Libby applying her mascara).

However, our group did face difficulty when filming Amie apply her lipstick. The lips were too blurry, whilst the right ear (something that didn't need to be in focus) was clearly in focus. What our group did to overcome this, was to exclude this clip from being included in our music video, as our group wanted all of our clips to be in focus, so we decided to include Amie spraying herself with perfume (seen below), as that was in focus.