Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Construction - Day One

For the first part of filming for our Music Video, my group would film in Amie Brady's house (following the storyboards and shooting schedule, both of which stated that Amie's house would be the first location my group would film in). This is for the beginning of our music video, before the singing begins, so no footage of lip-syncing was needed for this. My group planned on using a variety of shot types, that we feel has been done effectively (an example being the extreme close-up of Libby applying her mascara).

However, our group did face difficulty when filming Amie apply her lipstick. The lips were too blurry, whilst the right ear (something that didn't need to be in focus) was clearly in focus. What our group did to overcome this, was to exclude this clip from being included in our music video, as our group wanted all of our clips to be in focus, so we decided to include Amie spraying herself with perfume (seen below), as that was in focus.

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