Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Location Shots


My group are planning on using the bridge in the music video, as that will be the location where the girls in my group's pop band will meet up, just before they begin lip-synching to the song. We plan to film shots that feature the bridge early in the morning, as that is the most likely time where the sun will be shining, making the day brighter. This is good for a conventional pop music video, as brightness and vibrancy are typically featured in conventional music videos.


In the very beginning of our music video, my group will feature shots of the girl band waking up in their bedrooms, signifying the start of the day. The walls of the bedroom are evidently bright pink, featuring a lot of colour that is very conventional of a pop music video. We are planning to feature three bedrooms for the music video, one bedroom for each girl that is in the music video.

London (morning)

London (evening)

Our group chose London as a location because it features many landmarks that are cherished by many people across the world. In the morning, the girl group will lip-sync to the song, dancing and just overall having a good time, which will enforce the idea of positivity and having fun to a younger audience. In the evening, this is the final location of the song, since that signifies the end of the day. Our group will try to incorporate as many bright lights from this location as possible, keeping with the bright and vibrant theme of the song.


Our group chose Brighton Beach and Brighton Pier as locations because beaches and piers are known for being locations that will make people feel happy. We will use this location in our music video when featuring the girls lip-synching, doing choreography and just having a good time.

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