Friday, 13 December 2013

Construction - Day Nine

Our group decided to re-shoot footage for the close-ups in our green-screens again, because the close-ups were too blurry to incorporate into our music video, and also as we had received feedback from other peers stating that our group didn't use enough close-ups in our music video. Because it had been a while since our group had independently set-up the green-screen, we did briefly forget how to set it up, but we eventually managed to set it-up properly, as seen in the screenshot above of Amie lip-syncing. Speaking of lip-syncing, we had to make the timing of the performers' lip-syncing an absolute priority, because of how much focus their singing would receive in the close-up. Thankfully, we did manage to sync it up perfectly, after moving the footage around in Adobe Premiere Pro. Adobe Premiere Pro also managed to get rid of the shadows and creases seen in the image of Amie lip-syncing to 'Feels So Good', as we used the Ultra Key feature to turn the green background to an orange background, as well as the ProcAmp feature to completely remove the shadows and creases in the green-screen.

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