Monday, 30 September 2013


The focus on bright, vibrant colour is the main priority of my group's music video. An example of this will be seen in our costume, our locations and especially when we use the green screens (to produce backgrounds with bright colours), which are all going to be cross-cut throughout the whole music video. My group's plan for the introduction of our video are the three members of my group's pop band waking up in the morning in separate locations. This is where they will get ready, and we are going to make sure that each bedroom is bright and colourful. We are also going to film the girls meeting on a bridge at sunrise. After this, we are going to be filming in both London and Brighton because they are both locations that we associate with happiness (London due to its well-known landmarks, and Brighton due to its beach and pier). When at these locations, we are going to be filming a normal range of shots (close-ups to show the facial appearance of the singer, long-shots to show the singer and the location in relatively good detail, extreme close-ups to show great detail of the happiness of the singer, etc.) and cutaways, which further emphasises the idea of happiness in the pop genre.

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