Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Audience Research 2

 The results from this graph displays that 16-24 year olds are clearly the ones who answered our questionnaire the most. Because of this, our pop music video will have to cater more towards an audience of that particular age-range, as they generally seem to value pop music more than people of other ages.

When asked about whether they prefer British pop music or American pop music, the results are evidently split in half. Exactly half of the people we asked said British, whilst the other half had responded with American. However, as my group are British, thus having more knowledge on British pop music than American pop music, my group thought that it would make more sense to have our pop artist come from Britain, rather than America.

The results of this graph exhibits that a majority of the people who answered our questionnaire come from Sutton. This will help us to decide where my group's pop artist is from, as we can be able to ask more residents of Sutton how my group's artist would be able to represent Sutton, rather than asking residents of a different area how to represent their area.

Nearly the vast majority of participants who took part in helping with our questionnaire have stated that their ethnicity is White British. Because White British is without a doubt more of a common ethnicity than any of the other ethnicities that has been answered in our questionnaire, so because of this, the ethnicity of my group's pop artist will be White British.
The results of this graph displays the ratio between males and females. 28 males have answered this questionnaire, and 32 females have answered this questionnaire. There is nearly a fifty-fifty split here, which shows that both males and females have enough of an interest in pop music to answer the questionnaire.

Images of what my group expect our target audience to look like

Our target audience, based from the results of the answers gathered from the questionnaire, will be a mainly British, adolescent audience.

Our audience will be aged between 16-24 (since that was, by far, the most common age range of people who answered our questionnaire).

Our audience will mostly female (since more females answered the questionnaires than males). However, as the split between male and female participants is nearly even, our group will work hard to appeal to both genders.

Our audience will be mostly white, British people (since a strong majority of the people who answered our questionnaire, stated that they were White British).

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