Wednesday, 26 February 2014

How did you use new media technologies in the construction, research, planning and evaluation stages?

I have used various media technologies in the construction, research, planning and evaluation stages of my coursework. Some of these technologies were used last year to help me with producing my opening sequence for my group's horror film, but other technologies were completely new to me.

Blog-Publishing Services: Blogger

Blogger was perhaps the most important technology for my coursework, as it allowed me to post my research and planning notes to look back on when constructing my feature length music video; posting my progress from first drafts to final drafts, to show how my skills and creativity has evolved through the drafts, and also embedding images and videos from numerous other websites, to exhibit my use of planning, research, construction and evaluation. Blogger was the form of technology that I had used most frequently, to post examples of what videos I had researched the conventions for, how I planned for when to shoot my music video and what props, costumes, make-up and equipment to bring, how I have constructed my main product (music video) and ancillary texts, and also how I have evaluated my products overall.

Video-Hosting Services: YouTube and Vimeo

Video hosting services, such as YouTube and Vimeo, allowed me to watch other music videos to gain inspiration, for when I would construct my group’s music video. When studying the conventions of typical music videos and music videos of the pop genre, I had watched an array of different types of music video, which allowed me to learn about typical conventions that should be enforced in music videos, and how I should apply these conventions in my group’s music video. YouTube and Vimeo has also allowed me to upload all the drafts of my music video, and also some of my evaluation posts, to make my blog look more supervisual. Video hosting services helped to make my group's product look professional as professional music videos are often uploaded to YouTube (via Vevo accounts), Vimeo and other video hosting services, as it is such a popular platform of social media, that it helps to gain a significant fanbase from people who use video hosting services to watch music videos.

Filming Equipment: Camera and Tripod

When filming footage for my music video, my group would always make sure to bring a DLSR camera, to capture the footage; and a tripod, to ensure that the footage being filmed was completely steady, and didn’t feature any shaky footage. The filming equipment helped to make my music video look more authentic due to the steady shots, as professionals always use steadily filmed shots to make the music video look more appealing, rather than shaky shots that would make the audience feel distorted.

Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro

Then, after my group were done capturing footage for my music video, my group would use Adobe Premiere Pro, a video editing software, to edit my coursework. Adobe Premiere Pro allowed me to cut down the duration of clips, to quicken the pace of editing; and to be able to change the colour of the backgrounds of green screen shots, to make the overall aesthetics of the mise-en-scene more vibrant and colourful. In addition to this, I produced some of my evaluation posts on Adobe Premiere Pro and iMovie (another video editing software), to assist in making my blog posts in looking more supervisual. Adobe Premiere Pro helped my group to construct a professional product as it allowed my group to get technical with the product, adjusting the brightness of the footage to be more eye-catching to Miss Melody's target demographic.

The video above is a compilation of all the green screen shots used by my group. The green screen shots have helped my group to construct a more professional product as it allowed my group to change the colour of the backgrounds, making them bright and vibrant, which follows a convention of the pop genre, making the music video similar to other professional pop music videos.

Personal Computers: Desktop Computer and Macintosh

When working at school, I used a Mac to produce and construct my music video and ancillary texts, as well as evaluating my products; when working at home, I used a Windows XP computer to research conventions of other music videos, and also planning that would help me produce my music video.

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