Tuesday, 11 February 2014

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

This video shows a Vox Pop session where my group have gathered some thoughts from other people, to give our group some feedback on our music video. The demographic for our audience in this Vox Pop were a range of adolescent males and females aged between sixteen and eighteen years, as they are believed to show the most interest in music videos.

Overall, the feedback our group has received has been mostly positive, although our group has also received some constructive criticism that could have helped us to improve. For example, one of the main critiques of the music video was for the performers to put more enthusiasm into their performance. Personally, I feel like I was partially responsible for this, as I could have been more assertive in directing the girls performing in the music video to put more enthusiasm into their performance.

Questions that were asked in the Vox Pop included the following:

- What was your favourite section of the music video? (This question was to determine what generally went well in the music video, based on what was well-received from the audience from the Vox Pop feedback session. Overall, the audience had widely praised my group's use of footage from London, which although was difficult to achieve, shows that my group's work had paid off)

- When did you visually realise the genre of the video? (As a high number of pop music videos could easily be identified as a pop music video within a short amount of time from the viewer watching it, this question is to see if my group's music video garners the same reaction from the audience. )

- What did you think of the colours and the mise-en-scene of the music video? (Vibrancy and the overall aesthetics/looks both play huge roles in pop music videos, so if people approve of my group's use of colour and mise-en-scene, then my group has successfully followed that particular convention of pop music videos)

- Is the music video conventional of girl bands? (As 'Miss Melody' consists of an all-female pop group, and is inspired by other girl groups such as Little Mix and Sugababes, it was expected that the audience would think that Miss Melody's music video is conventional of girl bands. However, our group was aiming for the music video being unconventional, due to some of the risqué choreography incorporated into some of the girl bands' music videos, whilst Miss Melody's music video is intended to be more innocent and upbeat, showing their target audience of young, 'tween' girls that they don't need boys to have fun)

- Was there anything our group could improve on? (This question is to make sure our group receives feedback that helps us to improve on my group's music video. Although our group has received a critique about the performers not using enough energy into their performance, as mentioned earlier, that critique helps our group to improve on our music video, to reduce the amount of negatives the music video has)

In addition to receiving feedback via Vox Pops, my group has also received feedback throughout the construction of Miss Melody's music video through fellow peers, who were also making their own music videos. As they were constructing their own media products, they were able to provide detailed feedback that featured WWWs (What Went Well; the positives of the music video), EBIs (Even Better If; the negatives that needed to be improved in the music video) and any additional notes peers wanted to leave.

The feedback received from peers helped to really improve my group's music video, and an example of how this was achieved was through common EBIs that appeared above such as needing more cutaways (to make the performers look happier and more enthusiastic) and dance routines in other locations (a typical convention of the pop genre). Both of those were implemented into the final version of 'Feels So Good', as they made the music video more conventional of the pop genre.

WWWs also helped to improve the construction of my group's music video, as it showed my group what we were doing right, thus allowing us to follow some of these positives when improving on the music video. For example, one typical WWW was the good use of mise-en-scene (specifically costumes and location). Whilst improving on the EBIs,  our group made sure to maintain a good use of mise-en-scene, through ensuring that the costumes performers would wear always matched, and that the locations used would help the music video to fit the genre.

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